Happy New Year

It's funny, I've celebrated New Year's three times this year: Jan 1, New Year's Day, Jan 8 the year's first new moon, and today Chinese New Year and another new moon. It must mean the third one is a charm, I'm finally writing for Dig the Flow.

When I learned of the second new moon, I was in a morning yoga class. The yoga teacher explained that it was a very auspicious day, being the first moon of this new calendar year. She said it would be a good day to set our intentions for the year. So I went home and wanted to spread the word to all of my friends. I wanted them to know that if they'd missed making new year's resolutions for Jan. 1, there was another opportunity–maybe an even better one. 

I tried to explain this to my 5 year-old son. What is a New Year's resolution: setting a goal for yourself that helps make life better. He replied, "Oh I know what I'd like, I want everyday to be just like my birthday."  And I nodded and then really thought about it, what if I felt like it was my birthday everyday? Genius.